Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hazel Nurse
April 8, 2010
Dental Advice 

After picking up my three year old great-granddaughter from the pre-school class I heard her say, “Granny don’t you want some teeth?” 

I replied, “See all these teeth here.  I’ve had them for a long time.”  

She continued to stare at the large gap and declared, “You can get some fake teeth, granny, I know you can.  My teacher has some fake teeth and she is old.” 

Winnie's response

well hazel nurse don't worry everyone has to loose there teeth sooner or later but my advice brush your teeth and take care of it when you are younger.
Mo (My First Crushes)
By 7th grade some of our classmates were becoming attractive young ladies. Catholic School did not encourage leisure co-ed activities. Recess was mostly pent playing first ball, a form of baseball with a tennis ball and short bases with all the girls. Dreaming about slims in to the back of the classroom for kissing and kissing was part of every day. Nothing ever materialized.

In the fall I extended my good night prayer from a half minute to about half of an hour saying my Hail Mary to make the football team. When I receive probably the last blue and red sweat shirt, I was probably the happiest 4 ‘9 and 90 pounds kid in the U.S. of A.

When a girl was crying because her dog had died and she was told that pets will not go to heaven, I raised my hand and asked Sister R., if God could do anything, why couldn’t he allow some pets in heaven? We were kept after school until I raised my hand and said I believed that no animal were in heaven. The other boys and I wanted to go to the playground so I lied to the nuns. That was the first step in my journey out the Roman Catholic Church.

By this time I had read almost every book in our school library and was finding all the Sherlock Holmes books in the town library.

Sports kept me busy everyday and the radio next to my bed which was a couch in the little living room of our apartment in the day time kept me busy every night. It never occurred to me to do homework but my grades were excellent because I paid attention in class.

Susan response

My first crush was when I lived in Maryland when I was 14 years old on this boy named L.T. I thought he was the cutest boy I had ever seen in my life. But he never paid me no mind. And so I started to hate him. And when I did he wanted to play. But anyways I loved your story and your dream about kissing girls in the back of the classroom.

Susan mitchell
Bernice Moore
High School Dances and Boys

Going to high school was fun. The boys were very nice, but some were mean. They wanted to fight all the time. Some boys would walk you home and were very nice.

Sometimes they had school plays and the boys were good actors, and one of them walked me home. But somehow I got into a fight. My father did not like it. Somehow I got a black eye and could not see my way, but all he could see was the boy with me. In those days, they did not go for it.

I was in a fight with a girl who was in school with me. It was fun talking about the days we were in school, and to see some of my school mates. I also saw one of my 4th grade teachers not long ago. (I bumped into him at the mall. He said, “Bernice?” I said, “I am 76 years old. How old are you?” He said he was 90 years old.) He was a lot older, his name was Mr. Johnson. I was glad to see him.

Latoya Leatherbury

I really enjoyed myself reading your story because in the twenty-first century it is pretty much the same. The boys are actors. Some days they walk us home but other times they let us walk home by are self. And thats kinda funny. So I really haven't had the privilege to see my fourth grade teacher because my life is basically being a city hopper. And with that said I really love your story

Latoya Leatherbury
Hattie Lee Ellerbe
April 15, 2010
High School Days

My high school days were some of my best days. I was mostly involved in Student Government, following in the footsteps of my older sister, Dorothy Lee. She was president of the Student Association when she graduated. I made it up to Vice President and had the respect of my fellow students but more importantly their friendship.

These were fun days. My teachers were role models and were very influential in my future. I loved school and never missed a day. I was cited for perfect attendance for 12 years. If I stayed at home, I would have had to do chores. There was a method to my madness.

The teacher who had the most influence in my life was “Mrs. Hayre” my 9th grade advisor and English teacher. She later became Dr. Ruth Wright Hayre, Superintendent of School District 5. She was a beautiful mentor.

Dear hattie lee Ellerbe,

hello my name is Jacquaya and reading your story made me think about how school is for me. I love school too. Also my teachers are role models and I look up to them. I am in the tenth grade and I am very smart. I think It was so great you was vice president of the student association and that you look up to your sister. I also never have missed a day in school unless I have a doctors appointment. I think it was so nice reading your story. And I hope to talk to you soon and/or write back to you.

your friend,
Jacquaya Rondolph
Dating story
Bernice Moore

Goes back to when I was 17teen. My husband was my first date. On weekend we went to the movie and took lunch to the park, we met other group who was there. We had a lot of fun. The boys acted very nice. They make sure we got home on time which was 11oclock. We could go any place and was safe. Sometimes we would run into our teacher there. Woodside Park was a park where they had games and rides on different things. Hot dog was 10¢
then and sodas was 5¢ the bus fare was 15 and 25¢ fare. Rent was 50 dollar a month. Hamburger was 15¢. Hot dog 10¢ movie 25¢.

Well I would like to say the story that was written I liked. I liked the way you where living your life. I really think people today would live the same life, And I wish I was living back when you was seventeen.

Hattie Lee Ellerbe

I feel so rich! I tell my children that they are my jewels. They make me wealthy - all I need is a little bit of money (smile). They really make my life complete.

Besides my children, grands, great grands and one great-great grand, I have many nephews who outnumber my nieces. Out of the five girls born to my parents, we each had one daughter. We had no brothers; they had no sisters.

The game of “suspense” played by family members – Who is Aunt Hattie’s Favorite. As I hug each one at family gatherings, I whisper to them quite confidentially, “You know you are my favorite.” Over the years they have come to know – they are all my favorites.

I am also the family clown or comedian. God gave me a good sense of humor. I love to be around happy people. It is impossible to be happy all of the time, but happy times are the best memories of my life.

Dear Hattie Lee Ellerbe,

I understand the feeling of having very important people in my life. For example my mother is very special to me. She is worth more than any of all the riches in the world. I only have one older brother and two older sisters alive, and I have so many nieces and nephews. I thought maybe I didn't need any kids in my life. I've never heard of the game “suspense,” but it sounds interesting. I am the baby of my family. I thank my family who think of me as the “brilliant star” because I am very serious about school. And thats just a little response of me and my life maybe and hopefully I will be able to respond to another one of your stories. I really enjoyed it.


Jasmine Tyler

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Omg class starts to day
I'm siting down at the computer getting prepared for class
I'm so excited
It has been such hard work
convincing people to let me start the class
renting the room space
scheduling a date
getting organized
creating fliers
its a whole lot of work and i hope people really enjoy it